Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's 2014 and I Need a Little Help from my Friends

Love this drawing. "Smart Girl" by Samantha Hahn
Each new year, I shoo away the idea of resolutions like I would the persistent nagging of a housefly that won’t stop buzzing in my ear. While there’s a part of me secretly feeling that same sense of renewal experienced by the masses when confetti pops at 12, there’s a larger, less whimsical part of me that thinks, “Well, every day is technically a new year--it’s exactly a year from this date last year” and suddenly the glitter of the confetti dulls and I’m back to shrugging my shoulders, drinking champagne because it’s Wednesday.

Which admittedly, is weird. I am a very whimsical girl who enjoys holidays and planning and list-making--but for some reason, New Year’s has never been something I looked at with a celebratory eye.

This year, however, I actually felt like maybe I could have a real, true, meaningful resolution. No, it’s not to renew my OK Cupid profile and be courted by that one guy who has the Nokia flip-phone and likely unreliable internet access in the murderous woods he resides--it was to blog at least twice a month. Or specifically, to create a blogging schedule.

The thing that you readers may or may not have noticed about my writing style is that, well, I have little-to-no direction. I write when I feel like it about what I feel like.

For example: this post came dangerously close to being a dramatic narrative of how I sprained my ankle this weekend on an acorn.

I have lots of interests, though. I obsess over record collecting, piecing together outfits and decorating my tiny apartment with thrift store finds. I’d like to avoid being pigeon-holed into a theme, but part of me wonders if I’d be more diligent with my writing if I had a clear direction each time I sat down.

I know a lot of you do enjoy my little amusing stories about the misfortunes I come across during day-to-day living, breathing, walking, dating--but what else would you like to see from me? Decorating? Style? Cooking? Knife Throwing?

What’s the other blog post going to be about each month?

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  1. Listen. This is your friend encouraging you to blog and take all the ideas you got on facebook and put them to use. I need that real-time video of your knife throwing skills ok?!