Thursday, June 2, 2016

30 for 30 Day 2: POP Pilates & Other Musings

Day 2
Progress toward goal: -5 lbs*
Workout: Pilates

Today I got a late start on my 30 minutes of physical activity. So late that it came after a cocktail and three episodes of Bloodline that I watched in rapid succession with my boyfriend.

I almost didn't do it guys. Could you imagine - day 2 and I already gave up? What an anti-climactic fitness journey that would have been. It would be like not making it to the makeover episode of Biggest Loser. Like, what is even the point?!

Determined, I decided to replace the 30 minutes I would usually take in the evening to read the news and brush up on some literary canons (JK, I mean looking at cat memes and sending the funniest ones to my best friend and mom in a group chat) with pilates.

My experience with pilates is limited to the Autumn Calabrese 21 Day Fix version, which I do enjoy. Ironically enough though, I was too lazy to locate the dvd tonight so I ended up doing a workout by Blogilates.

If you've never watched Blogilates before, I recommend it. She creates super quick fitness videos that actually seem feasible. Five minutes for a better butt? Sure, why not!

Tonight I did her Slim n' Sculpt Beginner's POP Pilates video twice (it's 13-ish minutes of actually working out - I know, I know, I'm missing 4 minutes. However, I do walk to and from work so I figured it works out in the end).

The workout had a few moves I was used to doing from the 21 Day Fix videos, only there wasn't a slightly chubby, out-of-shape older woman doing modifications in the background like I'm accustomed to. So full disclosure, this was a pretty hard workout. Super fast, but sort of intense.

If you try it, I want you to know it's okay if you can't do everything she does. In fact, here's a list of how I handled the most challenging moves:

  • Roll-ups - immediately I thought, "This isn't going to happen." Basically you lie flat on the floor and simply roll up into a sitting position. Instead of rolling up gracefully, I sort of rocked myself back to gain momentum and then launched myself upright. I did not feel bad about this.
  • Bridge Single-Legged Leg Lift - These really hurt, but they hurt in that way you know it's working. Sort of that feeling you get after doing 5 crunches and your stomach just feels like a six pack has formed. I had to pause the video for a minute and I know for sure I did not come close to as many reps as she did.
  • The "Elbows Together" move - the second time through I thought, this is it. I'm going to die. Again, I took a quick break. No shame.

So Day 2 is down. Tomorrow will be a challenge for me. I'm going to try and wake up early enough to go on a run/walk (mostly walk) before work. If I don't get the activity in early, it likely won't happen since I have plans tomorrow night. SO MUCH PRESSURE.

How was your first (or second) day doing 30 for 30?

 *I weighed myself today after not weighing myself in two weeks and, surprisingly, I am already 5 pounds down! Only 15 more to go! If you're interested, I've been using the My Fitness Pal app to track my calories. My username is hiamandarae if you'd like to be friends!

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