Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Dislike List: Things That Annoy Me That Probably Shouldn't

Okay, I admit it. Shit gets on my nerves. I mean, luckily my shy nature and general awkwardness foil any outward manifestation of a bitchy-toward-others attitude (usually) but I do end up feeling annoyed. Or in really frustrating situations, like the universe is punishing me for buying that one Demi Lovato song on iTunes (leave me alone, it's a catchy song about love and trust!)

So, I'm curious--do any of these things also bother you?  It could be quite possible that I'm just a brat (most of these things involve people and how they don't act like how I want them to) but I'm interested if anyone else has a "Dislike List" like me.

The Dislike List

Waking up early. It is the worst, especially when it's because you have to go to work. 

People who park beside me. Like, ever.

When I’m shopping and someone suddenly needs to look at the exact thing I’m looking at and then we’re both standing awkwardly side by side in front of the same thing.

Pumping gas.

Waiters who sit down beside me. I don’t understand this. What’s that mean? That you’re cool and laid back? I don’t get it and wish you’d please stop making me feel weird--ordering an appetizer shouldn’t be such an intimate conversation.

Loud talking. If you can’t hear me, we can’t be friends.

Lines at the Redbox caused by people who don’t know how to use Redbox.

*~~~~ThIs KiNd Of WrItInG*~*~*~*

Loud laughing that I’m not a part of. Seriously, stop showing off with all the outrageous fun you’re having. Jerks.

Someone who holds the door open for you when you're still kind of far away so you have to do that weird, fake jog to feign effort.

Sales associates who try to sell me stuff. Go away. Unless I need you. Just stand close by without talking, please.

Public restrooms and how they’re open to the public and not just me.

European jean sizes.

Waiting for someone to walk across the parking spot you’re trying to pull into.

Walking across a parking spot while someone’s waiting to pull in.

When my hair doesn't look like how I see it in my mind. I mean seriously, hair--get your shit together and do right by me.

When my tea gets cold at work.

How I’m never really sure what the cost of tea is at Teavana until they ring me up and I pass out.

Guys shouting at me "ayy baby girl." Trying to (loudly) pick me up with a nickname that's a few random numbers away from someone's yahoo! email address is a good way to make me totally uncomfortable.

Department store makeup counters. I don't want to sit on that stool like a living display for shoppers to gawk at as they walk past. I just want to purchase the exact shade of lipstick I'm pointing at in this magazine.

The fact that I can never say any of that and will eventually just sit on the stool and feel weird about life while the girl puts way too much makeup on me.

Someone trying to talk to me while I'm listening to my iPod.

Someone trying to talk to me while I'm writing.

Someone trying to talk to me while I'm reading.

People not realizing when I don't feel like talking.

Most people.

(Of course that doesn't include any of you guys because you're all awesome. And if any of the things on this list apply to you, know that you would never annoy me. You guys are the exceptions. AWWZ!)

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