Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Post That Includes Poetry

It's been a while since I've written poetry.

I admit this piece was stored on my computer, so that should save you the image of me feverishly writing this by candlelight, recently inspired by unrequited love. I found it while looking for some writing samples and when I opened this file, I sort of felt a jolt of inspiration. So for the past two days, I've been re-working and editing this poem.

It kind of has me in that poetic way of thinking again, which is nice. Guess I need to go drag out my old parchment and dramatic feather quill--that is how everyone else writes poetry, right? (Oh, and the poem is currently untitled--"Wanted" was too obvious and I couldn't think of anything else.)

I nailed a Wanted sign to your door
and prayed that in the morning
you would open up and see it
hanging, hear it screaming, WANTED:

The words delicate, whimsy and handsome
you, next to me on a bus headed no where
because no where is more romantic than
Kentucky Avenue.

Bare feet that are never cold or cool or uncomfortable
and mornings when you sit across from me
and not from someone who isn’t me, who isn’t
 shy or complex and who can complete
a sentence without pausing to think things…out.
You who is no one now but will be sometime
I guess, I’ll meet you somewhere
least expected, at least that’s what magazines tell me
when they’re not telling me what I want, which is
A cup of coffee fixed by you the way I like it without
asking and soft breezes when I need them most,
and a room filled with books and records
 that I can peruse whenever
I want

some cliches to be real but not all of them,
just some of them.
A neverending supply of paper and pens and
bobby pins because they're always lost
 and a day when I wake up happy
and not exhausted from being between sad
and just alright.
Two goldfish named Lost and Soul because you would
get the reference and I wouldn’t have to feel
dumb or act dumb or laugh alone when
no one else gets it because you would get it.

I would have nailed it to your forehead
or forearm or tied it around your finger so
you’d be sure to remember these words
because you know I speak so low sometimes I’m
easily forgotten.
So I used nails instead and loudly knock knock knocked
them into your door for you to find this morning.
Just open up and see the sign and on it, WANTED.

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