Monday, October 29, 2012

13 Songs For Your Halloween Playlist

Despite my inability to see past the ridiculous lack of creativity in slutting yourself out of a real costume (talking to you, girl I thought was dressed as a prostitute who wandered into a costume store and stole a pair of cat ears) and my terrified-at-anything-slightly-scary, low tolerance for horror, I love Halloween.

I think “Hocus Pocus” is mainly responsible for this. There’s nothing more festive than Bette Midler dressed as a witch singing “I Put A Spell On You.” It’s creepy and fun and cheesy and 90s and awesome. Every year I look forward to watching it (and tricking myself into thinking I can make it through a real horror movie—this time I made it 30 minutes into “Pumpkinhead” before the soundtrack turned menacing and I chickened out), creating DIY costumes that no one in my family will understand, and of course, posting a mixtape for you guys.

Halloween Mixtape

1. Psycho Therapy--The Ramones
2. Paranoid--Black Sabbath
3. Halloween--Siouxsie & The Banshees
4. Bad Things--Cults
5. Dead Sound--The Raveonettes
6. Help, I'm Alive--Metric
7. Is There A Ghost--Band of Horses
8. Date With The Night--Yeah Yeah Yeahs
9. Howlin' For You--The Black Keys
10. Full Moon--The Black Ghosts
12. Vicious--Lou Reed
13. Season Of The Witch--Donovan

Whatever your Halloween plans are, I hope you have fun. And remember: if you're a virgin, don't light the candle.

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