Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I remembered I had a blog and decided to update it

Things have been pretty busy but simultaneously uneventful lately, which may explain the big lapse in blogging. I had to take both my new laptop and old laptop into Apple about two weeks ago for that complicated data transfer, so I was without access to some type of at-home word program for at least a week. (Which, by the way, Apple promised it would only be 48 hours. So of course once 48 hours came and went, I just assumed they had destroyed both computers and were afraid to tell me.)

But once I was in possession of a keyboard again, I kept drawing blanks on what to write. There were a few things at work that would have been cause for some humorous stories, but I can’t really be that specific when blogging about my job. This is seriously frustrating, but it’s a necessary evil, I guess. I’m glad I’ve been able to maintain some type of anonymity around my place of employment because it allows me the liberty to interject a few comments about it here and there. I admit I’ve thought about expanding these comments into some type of short story or novella about office life, but I’m always afraid of repercussions from people who will recognize themselves in a fictional piece.

I wish I could be more like David Sedaris and just say screw it and write what I want. But, ultimately I’m just a girl who cowers at confrontation and hides behind a Microsoft Word document that I copy and paste into a blog (of course accompanied by iPhone pics that have been filtered through some type of artsy app.)  So since it’s been established that utilizing the one bit of inspiration I had was out, I decided to enter into a blogging lull.

Until right now, 10:27 p.m., Tuesday night. This past weekend I spent in Decatur/Atlanta, Georgia visiting my friend, Christina and her husband, Matt. It was a really great trip filled with cool evenings and quirky eateries and good conversation that probably included too much of me asking, “Hey, so do you watch (insert name of show here)?” (Which I never understand why I want to initiate conversations about television shows. All it ends up being is just a back-and-forth of “Do you remember when so and so did this?” and “Yeah, that was crazy. Do you remember when they did this?” then “No…just kidding, of course, that was insane!”) But they were troopers and participated when they could and hopefully didn’t judge me for my obvious, unhealthy indulgence in TV.

Our time was spent seeing Atlanta at night, going to museums and poetry readings and underwater tea parties, and on Monday, lying in the grass at Piedmont Park—all wonderful treats that made me want to get out of my own personal lull of work, TV, music listening, infrequent writing. I was inspired to start exploring more and recreating moments like this trip to Georgia. It’s been apparent that the only emotion I seem to be writing with lately is disdain for my job or where I am in life. And that’s no good, so I’m going to make a conscious effort to be happier and more ambitious about finding happiness.

But, um, don’t judge me if the next post is a profanity-laced, cynical commentary on corporate America and how I’d die before I work in that environment long-term.

I mean, change is hard, guys. 

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