Thursday, November 22, 2012

I'm Thankful for Al Roker & Good Music

Oh, Al. You're my favorite.

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is watching Al Roker bumble around, frantically trying to dodge floats and giant balloons while Matt Lauer sits in some kind of VIP lounge. It’s not at all fair, yet Al is so entertaining and animated that it’s almost like watching an endearing cartoon character narrate the parade.

This year will be no different, I’m sure. And then afterward, I’ll watch the dog show and LOLz big time at all the dogs whose fur is so fluffy you can’t see their feet. I mean, it’s hilarious—they look like little roombas gliding across the floor.

All of this while my mother buzzes around in the kitchen and I stand outside of it like I’m still five years old, unsure of where to jump in at.

This Thanksgiving will be a quiet one for my family, which I’m appreciative of. I’m in the process of moving and working and trying not to be freaked out by creepy older men who have asked to help me move (I mean, come on old guys! Resist the urge to freak young women out) so to just be able to celebrate with my parents (and of course, at some point in the day, Tinkham) is nice.

To compliment the simple, quiet Thanksgiving I’ll be having, I’m yet again posting a Thanksgiving mix. I’ve posted this same mix for a few years, but it’s still my favorite and I hope it becomes your favorite, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

1. Great Pumpkin Waltz -- Vince Guaraldi Trio
2. Orange Colored Sky -- Nat King Cole
3. Sweet Potato Pie -- Ray Charles & James Taylor
4. Rock of Ages -- Ben Kweller
6. Young Pilgrims -- The Shins
7. Mushaboom -- Feist
8. Shine on Harvest Moon -- Betty Carter
9. Thanksgiving Theme -- Vince Guaraldi Trio
10. Stuffy Turkey -- Thelonious Monk

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