Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I think it's a requirement to wear socks and sandals at the beach if you're using a metal detector

I went to Sand Key yesterday and really loved it. It was my first time being there so when we were driving past Clearwater Beach, I started to get a little apprehensive. It’s always somewhat disheartening when the beach is barely visible from all the stores selling airbrushed tee shirts and the douche bag guys high-fiving each other. But it was amazing that just over a bridge, Sand Key was completely different. It was just a beach. No frills, no gimmicky tropical cafes and no one was playing a LMFAO album--just some water, sand, and in the distance a few hotels.

Besides getting terribly burnt on my back and having a seagull stalk me the entire time, I enjoyed myself. Which I usually do at the beach because it’s a very inspiring place for a writer to be. I kept arranging lines of poetry in my mind about the sensation of floating but also had notes on a humorous essay I’d like to write about girls who insist on wearing a full face of makeup and end up looking like Heath Ledger a la The Joker by the end of the day. (I mean, seriously ladies! I love beauty products too, but false eyelashes at the beach? I saw this yesterday and about lost it.)

I could also tell by the songs I was listening to, that it must be a very inspiring place for musicians as well. I couldn’t help but connect the beat of the melodies to the bobbing buoys in the water. And then I was inspired to share this with all of you.

I listened to this mix every time I found myself out of the water and in the sun (and trying unsuccessfully to get rid of excess sand on the towel. By the end of my struggle, I was basically lying on top of a sand castle.) Overall, this mix ranges from that Beach Boys, laid-back yet melodic vibe to super upbeat and fun songs Frankie Avalon would play at a beach party today. So, if you guys venture out toward the deep blue sea or stay home and spray your face with salt water, you should still have the right summer mix.

Enjoy. And go outside!


Oceanic Mix

1. Catholic Pagans--Surfer Blood

2. Waves--Electric Guest

3. The Next Time Around--Little Joy

4. Gratisfaction--The Strokes

5. Summer Mood--Best Coast

6. Till the End of the Day--The Kinks

7. Goin' to the Party--Alabama Shakes

8. California English--Vampire Weekend

9. God Only Knows--The Beach Boys

10. Another Late Night--Catfish Haven

11. Most Wanted-- Cults

12. California Waiting--Kings of Leon

13. Words of Love--Buddy Holly

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