Wednesday, July 4, 2012

You're not celebrating America's birthday right if your friends and family aren't placed in immediate danger by your pyromania.

Red, White and Kaboom
No matter how old I get, I will always be mesmerized by fireworks. And I feel like pretty much everyone can relate to me on this. The bursting bright lights that sprawl across the sky demand attention. It's not just because of the booming pound of the explosion, but from the genuine beauty of it all. They look universally flattering on any setting and there’s something wonderful about how unifying that is. Over a lake, reflecting off the windows of tall buildings, or peeking between tree limbs like they were last night--regardless of where they are in the country, you know they’ll be beautiful and that the crowd will all be looking upward.
Lake Mirror before the fireworks

I hope everyone has a good and safe fourth. Enjoy lighting things on fire near your homes and loved ones, because today that type of thing is socially acceptable. And don’t forget to watch “The Sandlot” because if you don’t, you’re pretty much missing out on the best all-American movie I can think of.

Happy 4th.

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  1. Love The Sandlot and I love lighting things way to close to what is socially acceptable! Good post!