Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Saturday Morning Song Keeps Cigarettes In A Rolled-Up Shirt Sleeve.

Late 50s style has been on my mind a lot lately. While I’ve personally always had a thing for cardigans and cuffing your jeans, it feels like music and fashion and home décor are winking at that era more than ever.

And I love it.

The "50s guy" look on a girl. So cute!

More specifically, I’m sort of obsessed with 50s gangs. Think “Crybaby,” with the most-attractive-he’s-ever-been, Johnny Depp. White tee shirts, dark denim, black jackets. And I really want to buy a black leather motorcycle jacket so I can pair it with the most feminine, pink floral dress I can find. It’ll be like my boyfriend who drives a motorcycle and beats the crap out of guys who’ve done me wrong, gave it to me. But then there’s also a part of me who wants to channel the guy’s look and just dash it with femininity, because it is 2012 and all.

Despite the battling 50s fashion aesthetics, I’ve nonetheless been practicing some serious restraint. This is mainly because the impulse to tie a small red scarf around my neck and be the girl who signals the beginning of a car race between rival gangs, has been stronger than normal. And the song I usually hear when I envision this race? It sounds a lot like “Ready Teddy” performed by Little Richard. The jaunty rhythm combined with a performance that feels like it’s tracing the cusp of unruliness, is sort of perfect for the showdown between rebellious teens of the 50s.

I hope you guys can handle this wild, sin-inducing tune. I’ll see you later in the nearest back alley way for tonight’s street fight.


PS, my friend and the most awesome photographer in the ATL, Christina, is visiting this Fall. We plan on channeling our obsession with 50s teen rebels into a photo shoot (so stay tuned for that!) but until then, follow the inspiration on our Pinterest board. Oh, and thanks to Best Coast’s “Our Deal” music video for being so influential! Did you know Drew Barrymore directed it? I swear, we are soul sisters.

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