Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012 in Photographs.

(Okay, and in some writing, too. I mean, this is still a blog post.)

I’m not really a photographer (unless you consider filtering iPhone pics through Instagram photography) but I thought it might be neat to choose one day each week and create a post with just photographs. Who knows if I’ll actually be consistent with this, but for right now--for this post--I’m totally reliable.

Today was a weird day. It was even weird how I just didn't even try to transition fluently into the next thought. We were given this exaggerated lunch break at work as a well-intended gesture of appreciation, and while I tried not to be cynical about it because I knew it truly did come from a sweet place, the closely-monitored two hours left me feeling awkward about what to do.

So, I browsed record bins, browsed book shelves, and talked to a French woman who worked at Goodwill about what version of “La Vie En Rose” we preferred. I got a coffee, came back to work and doodled different font ideas in my notebook. Then I went home at 3:30 because I wanted to.

And that's pretty much August 29th in a nutshell.

PS, the book photos are AFTER I brought them home. I forgot to take pics in the bookstore. So, I guess I already messed this idea up. Don't be judgey.

I spotted this at Books A Million and had to get it. I own "Wilderness" and didn't realize anything else had been published since that. Also, I'm just realizing that I made Julia Child and Malcolm X bookshelf neighbors. (I really have absolutely no organizational system in place when it comes to my books. That's why I didn't pan out to include the entire wall. You guys would probably just pass out from overexposure to books and mess and weird author placement.)

BUT, I did put "Wilderness" and "The American Night" next to one another. I didn't want to overwhelm myself, so that was as far as "Operation Put Same Authors Together" went.

FINALLY. I got The September Issue. It is gigantic.
"The Passion of Paris" record I bought. All I recognized was "La Vie En Rose" and that was enough to make me want it. "Sabrina" (the Audrey Hepburn film, not the teenage witch or the Harrison Ford 90s remake) is probably in the top 5 of my favorite movies list. I saw it when I was around 12 or 13 and ever since I've wanted to go to Paris and look out a window at the street below and write to someone about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses while this song plays from the sky or something. IT COULD HAPPEN, GUYS. Until it does, I'll listen to this record.

Font doodles. It will take me until the day of the party (which is for my mom's 50th) to actually complete the invitations. I may just create a Facebook event and pass these out as party favors instead.
Black iced coffee; a lunchtime constant. (Please excuse my cuticles.)

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