Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Saturday Morning Song Finally Sees "Moonrise Kingdom" & Writes About It On Sunday Afternoon

Last night as I was watching "Moonrise Kingdom," I realized that Wes Anderson not only, you know,  inspires quirky Halloween costumes (and this was while I was mind-planning my own Suzy Bishop outfit) but he also creates visually consistent films.

An actual color palette for Wes Anderson films!
During the movie, all I could think about (again, other than my Halloween costume) was how aesthetically interesting the scenes were. You can see the way his color palettes take a normal surrounding and transform it into a Wes Anderson world. I can’t help but believe that the ease of pausing any given scene into a picture worthy of framing is deliberate.

I know some think that Wes tries too hard to make his characters quirky, but that’s why his work has such a cult following. He manages to present us with people loaded with idiosyncrasies, equipped with distinctly eccentric wardrobes, and who follow storylines that defy reality yet we can still somehow find them relatable in our own little way. Because beneath the intentional bizarreness, there is always this subliminal message beeping out into the audience that encourages individuality and the acceptance of social weirdness. Or in this case, the emotionally disturbed. 

Moonrise Kingdom Family Picture
In addition to the visuals, the Halloween costumes and my obsession with that portable record player, I really loved the soundtrack. And that’s saying a lot because it’s usually rare that I’m wholly convinced of the song choices for a film. Alexandre Desplat (who is responsible for a lot of instrumentals you hear in movies) was oddly perfect with Hank Williams and Francoise Hardy. It just made sense, even though it didn’t.

And isn’t that just like a Wes Anderson movie?

So today, be deliberately eccentric and maybe even dress up like Margot Tennenbaum like you've always secretly wanted to. And then, of course, dance to this.


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