Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Saturday Morning Song Cuts Its Bangs and Divorces Ben Gibbard

(Which reminds me, um, Ben Gibbard--when's our date? Arrange something that could be a scene in an indie movie, please.)

Zooey Deschanel and I are basically BFFs. She’s so my favorite that if she were to ever come out with any gimmicky celebrity product like a fragrance or makeup line or clothing line (okay, please God, could she come out with her own clothing line?) I’d have to buy it. She has shown me that 30-something women don’t self destruct or get forced onto a conveyor belt that rides through a mom haircut, French manicure factory. I mean, even on celebrity standards, not many women outside of Drew Barrymore maintain the fresh, carefree fun I so admire. And because of Zooey (and also Mindy Kaling and Rashida Jones and Drew--can’t forget my favorite girls in their 30s) I’ve realized that 30 may not be so scary. That quirky girls can grow up and not be the weird single lady who’s nurturing an increasingly disturbing porcelain doll collection.

My reassurance comes from this sassy person who fully embraces whimsy and wit and awkwardness, and in her, I see who I want to be: the 30-year-old girl at the party wearing a tiara and glittery dress, playing the ukulele, and making too many pop cultural references. And I’d like to pull it off in a way that makes people adore me instead of admit me into an asylum. (PS--Isn't JGL cute in that video?)

She & Him.
A little before the success of the wonderfully written, "New Girl," and my ultimate favorite ever, "(500) Days of Summer," I started to get into She & Him. Even the band name makes me happy (remember my thing about not naming characters?) Their sound is such a literal encapsulation of their style. It’s fresh but retro but modern but classic country but 60s pop-ish but fun but meaningful. When I hear their songs, I see a girl wearing a Modcloth dress and a guy wearing cool sunglasses. It’s Zooey and M. Ward and there’s no denying that.

Today, as I take some sewing lessons and obsess over the reissued, retro patterns I bought, I’d like everyone else to embrace their quirkiness, too. Live out some scenes from your favorite indie movie--I’m sure there’s an Ikea somewhere that’s just begging to be ran through while a Doves song plays in the background.

Saturday Song: Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?--She & Him

PS, I had to post this version of the music video. I mean, for obvious, cute reasons :)

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