Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mixtape for a Fierce Girl's Workout

As a writer, (or to some, a girl who simply took advantage of a free blog to post her thoughts about random topics) I tend to like music that has some type of lyrical value. But truth be told, lyricism takes a back seat when it comes to workout music. Unless the lyrics are “You’re gonna look so skinny after this!” most people I know just need something that makes them want to move and not lie motionless on the couch in reaching distance of some wine. Tonight while I was running (and by running I mean low-impact, slow jogging like in a rap video) I had to admit the mix I made was pretty awesome. In a 35-minute workout, you get the crazed energy of Karen O, the cool sass of Beyonce, and the badass feeling you can rebelliously spin out of parking lots in your Honda Passport compliments of M.I.A.

So without judging lyrical content or contribution to societal issues (step off, music snobs) just listen for the “makes me feel fierce enough to increase the incline” quality that is so essential in losing those last five pounds.

It may not be healthy, but I love diet coke :(
1. Bad Girls--M.I.A.

2. Warrior--Kimbra

3. Tick--Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. Gucci Gucci--Kreayshawn

5. Run the World (Girls)--Beyonce

6. Your Honor--Regina Spektor

7. Pot Kettle Black--Tilly and the Wall

8. Paper Planes--M.I.A

9. Clap Your Hands--Sia

10. With Every Heartbeat--Robyn

11. We Turn It Up--Oh Land

Oh, and if your treadmill workout is longer than 35 minutes, you should just go drink some water out of a milk jug for no reason with all your braggy, buff friends and stop making everyone else feel sad about life.

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