Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Kate Nash's "Nicest Thing" is kind of my favorite.

While I enjoy the use of highly metaphorical or abstract emotional descriptions just as much as the next writer who works hunched over parchment paper, manifesting literary canons via quill and lots of melodramatic, oil lamp lighting, I tend to love writing the heaviest subjects with an almost minimalist simplicity. Think skeletal.

When you’re writing something that exposes vulnerability, it’s sometimes more difficult to plainly state it without shielding yourself with piles of complex language. I understand the compulsion to hide behind sentences laced with ambiguity, but to create a heart-to-heart connection with an audience, I think you should just be real.

Not to say that you should reduce your articulation down to a text sent in a mall food court near a Piercing Pagoda or anything, but rather just say what you feel how you would really say it.

And that’s what this song does. I love it so, so much because it’s conversational and honest and sad and genuine. It’s not overwrought and it’s not understated. It’s not antiquated or juvenile. It just is exactly what it is. And I think that’s beautiful.

At the end of the day, writing should be about establishing a connection between you and someone else--reaching out and saying, "It’s alright, because someone else feels that way too."

We've all felt the way Kate has. That basically, you wished that they loved you. Isn't it nice to know we’re not alone in the heartbreak?

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