Monday, December 3, 2012

25 DofC Day 3: Cardigans & Clumsiness & The Worst Xmas Ever

Day 3
"That Was The Worst Christmas Ever!" by Sufjan Stevens

Today, my cardigan got caught on the handrail in front of my office’s door and I felt like a frazzled cartoon character when I was dramatically yanked back just as I was reaching for the handle.  What’s worse is that when you have an awkward, clumsy moment like that, you have to acknowledge it otherwise you end up looking even more foolish. Like when you trip or fall, the rule is you have to laugh extra loud so everyone knows the joke IS NOT on you because you’re creating the joke (as proven by the maniacal, obnoxious laughter tensely leaving your mouth.) So today, I laughed, you know, to myself and said, “Well, geez!” to the bushes. My cardigan will not make a fool out of me.

(Here’s the thing,)

Some days I’ll have really great, witty, profound things to write about and other days I’ll start the post with an uninteresting anecdote about cardigan problems.

This is already the issue I see arising in blogging everyday. But hopefully you’ll stay with me, here. Whoever you are, darling readers.

Today’s song really reminds me of college and studying in the library and the awkward moments I’d seem to find myself in daily. (The first one that comes to mind is when the elevator door literally smashed my hand and this guy had to pry it off me.)

 Scents of coffee tangled with old books—that’s what this song is to me. It’s tights with converse sneakers, headphones and scarves, creating study mixes instead of actually studying, and of course, cardigans and clumsiness. 

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