Wednesday, December 5, 2012

25 DofC Day 5: List Making with She & Him

Day 5
"Christmas Wish" by She & Him

Figuring out what to write about tonight was difficult so I decided to make a list instead. It wasn't really that hard to talk myself into it because I'm really into list-making (I don't know, I just enjoy the satisfaction I get from bulleting bits of information in an easy-to-glance-at format--so what?) I have to admit that sometimes, like on days where I'm grocery list-making so furiously that I maybe write peanut butter twice without realizing it, I'll completely rewrite the list instead of simply crossing off the duplicate PB. Because I love it so much.

Yeah, that's how I chose to open this post. 

What I Want for Christmas

--Old Nancy Drew books (I've been trying to collect these but all I've managed to find is some weird Nancy Drew 80s series that was buried beneath Atkins' cookbooks at the Goodwill.)

--Moleskine journals. They're my favorite to carry in my purse.

--Prabal Gurung Cape from the Neiman Marcus for Target collection

--Disco Ballroom Skirt from Modcloth. This skirt is just begging to be worn on New Year's, right? Even if my New Year's plans don't go far beyond my couch and TV screen.

--A ukulele. And then lessons if you're offering. I mean, you should probably offer. It's Christmas.

Please feel free to forward this letter to Santa. And make it like a chain letter or something, so if he doesn't read till the end he's hexed for life.

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